Reality is deceptive.
Misshapen and contorted.
People take it and mould it into their own 
  fractious point-of-view.
It was one thing, then it becomes another.
It gets stretched almost to breaking.
When let go it becomes all twisted and knotty.
With no beginning and no end.
I reject reality.
I am not blind.
I know this world and all its' devices and vices.
I have been apart of it.
I have descended into the dark, and deep hole
  that people call reality.
Where we do what we want.
We are vile, evil, wicked.
Blind to all that they cannot, will not see.
They choose and then we are doomed to live 
  with that decision.
We fall so deep down.
We all jumped right off the edge.
The edge between sanity and insanity.
It's all so maddening.
And we all crashed so hard.
I crashed so hard I went right through 
  rock bottom.
There was no looking back up.
Spiralling out of control.
The world just cannot and will not see.
They'd rather live their own fantasy worlds.
Making their own reality.
Reality is false, an illusion.
One day it will all pass away.
It's the unseen that is eternal.
Call me a fool if you want.
Try and argue all you want.
I am not blind.
I see reality for what it is.
Just one big beautiful lie!


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