I just don't know any more.
Maybe I never did.
Things are happening too fast.
Coming at me all at once.
What am I supposed to do?
I am just a man, and a poor
   excuse for one at that.
I am just one.
What can I do alone?
What can I do on my own?
I grow faint.
I grow weary.
I am falling.
I fall down.
I lack the strength and
   the will to continue on.
Is this all that there is for me?
Oh God, save me.
You are all that I have left.
Please come and rescue me.
I am so afraid.
My tears blind me.
No one hears my cries.
Can You hear me?
Here I am.
Trying to hide.
Trying to escape.
But see none.
My hope is dwindling.
Can You come and find me?
You are the only one left.
I have nothing.
I am nothing.
God please.



  1. Forget the old adage - One Day At A Time. Now you must live in the moment as best as possible and wait as patiently as possible. God is real, He will help.

    1. I know and understand all this. This is a poem not meant for literal translation. I do appreciate your comments nonetheless.

  2. good. Glad it wasn't meant for literal translation:)

    1. Sandra, I could very easily take this the wrong way. To me it sounds critical, non-empathetic or understanding. I'm probably taking your comment the wrong way, but comments like this aren't very constructive or helpful.

  3. I like Marc's suggestion because when I feel particularly tired and weary of pressing on and believing and waiting, I need to do what he suggests. I think I've practiced it somewhat already. That frame of mind helps me to get over the hump of feeling like I can't go on.

    As far as your poem, I think it reflects the mission of you blog, which you state in your header,

    "....I write in the first person or in an autobiographical style. Not meant for any literal translations. I seek to encourage, illustrate, empower, maybe even inspire."

    Have a restful night, Scott, and be at peace.

  4. your postings almost always are exactly what i need to hear and i just want to say thank you for that

    1. Roze, you are more than quite welcome. You and those like you are why I do what I do. You encourage and inspire me.
      I know I have been blessed so I try to be a blessing.
      And, thank you for your kind words.~me.


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