Can you see me?
Do you even care?
Do you understand?
That you are killing me.
You poured gasoline all over me then 
   lit the match.
Then stood back and watched me burn.
I know I am not the only one.
Hiding inside, lost deep within.
But there is no escape for any one.
You always find me.
You take away the hope from me.
You ripped the heart right of me.
My soul is torn to shreds.
I know that you know of what you do.
There is a darkness in you.
You are the contagion.
You spread your poison unchecked.
You do see me.
You do not care.
Your arrogance has made you ignorant.
I can see my blood on your hands.
And you are getting away with murder.
Me, and all others like me.
Suffer in silence.
In the end it will be the silence 
   that will take me.
You call me weak.
You call me a coward.
You say I am just in the way 
   as you push me aside.
Leaving a knife sticking out of my back.
But hear me now...I am rising.
You have knocked me down for the last time.
I am rising.
See the fire in my eyes?
That is determination.
That is a steel resolve.
You can do your worst.
Whether you realize it or not.
Your ignorance is no excuse!
Don't you dare came at me.
I have risen.
My fists are clenched.
My anger is righteous.
You pushed me so I am pushing back.
You put me down, now I am getting back up.
All your words and deeds I will shove right
   back down your own throat.
Tell me, how does it feel?
You don't like it do you?
Still you don't even know a fraction of what
   I have felt my whole life.
With my back up against the wall I am coming
   back out fighting.
I may go down again.
But I will rise...I will rise.



  1. The courage of those who live with anxieties, depressions, altered understanding of realities is to be honored. It takes a strength of soul to face each day with some humour and grace when we cannot rely on the thoughts of our mind.

  2. I know your frustration and anger all too well, Scott, and writing is such a wonderful way to express that anger, I know that too. I love the intensity and passion with which you write....we will rise, and we will reclaim our dignity!!

  3. Most people truly do not understand how much their words and actions hurt. I was bullied all through school for being shy, overweight, poor. All those comments hurt deep inside for many years and made me feel as if I wasn't worth anything, why should I ever expect to be loved for me? Thank God I finally found a wonderful man that made me realize that I was good enough, I was beautiful just the way I was. God bless you.


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