You came from nowhere.
A surprise attack from the
You struck fast.
You struck hard.
I could not defend myself.
I was down before I even knew it.
I tried to fight back.
But to no avail.
I was wounded too deeply.
Almost mortally.
I was bleeding out.
You moved in for the kill.
But you were stopped in your
My guardian angel, my protector.
Fought back in my stead.
You were pushed back.
You were held back.
As I made my retreat.
As wounded as I was.
There was then a counter strike.
The battle was mighty.
The sky glowed red.
But you were beat down
   into submission.
You fled in full retreat.
And you were vanquished
   once again.
I know you will return.
You bide your time well.
When my guard lets down.
You will be there.
That, I am quite sure of.
But I fear not.
For I am under the protection
   of my King.
And you will fall to defeat again.
So now I will rest assured.
As I recover.
I am not alone.
My King and His guards watch
   over me.
A mighty fortress He is.
A strong tower where I can
   run to in times of peril.
Who can come against me?
Who dares wield a sword
   at me?
There He who goes before me.
Now, who then?
Mighty is my Lord, my King.
Defeat did not come this night.
As I surrendered victory was
Greater is He who is in me,
   than he who is in the world.


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