I was arrogant.
I thought I knew it all.
I thought I had it all figured out.
My life was in my own hands.
I lived on my own terms.
It's no wonder I never went
Just like a ship frozen in the ice.
Being crushed by all the pressure.
I was so ignorant.
The truth I knew was a lie.
All I thought I knew caved in on me.
Like the Twin Towers.
I was buried.
All the debris pinned me down.
I cried out, "Why God, why?"
I do not understand.
I cannot even begin to fathom
   all this.
The sky is coming down on me hard.
Just like a mighty rain storm.
There is no shelter that I can find.
I am out in the wide open.
I am pummelled relentlessly.
I drown in the storm surge.
This was just a dream.
A nightmare, if you will.
But at the same time all too vivid.
All too real.
All too familiar.
I cry out, "God please,
   please save me,
save me from myself."


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