It's time to go.
I just want to leave.
Just to get away from here.
I do not like it here.
All is dark.
Shadows lurk.
Beads of sweat form on my brow.
Tears flow from my eyes.
With clenched fists.
And squinted eyes.
I drop to my knees.
Somebody stop the world please,
   I just want to get off.
I want out of here.
I cannot stay here any more.
I do not want to stay.
This is no place for me.
I would tear it all down.
Set the flame to everything.
And watch it raze to the ground.
Spitting on it too.
I curse this place.
It is a miserable existence.
A living hell.
I do not belong here.
I am so afraid.
There's danger at every turn.
Evil and the wicked ones await.
I can hear their howls off
    into the distance.
They are on the prowl.
This I know, all too well.
These demons always hunt
   me down.
A pack of rabid wolves
   are they.
Always ravenous.
They can sense fear a mile away.
That's what draws them near.
That's what they hunger for.
What they lust after.
Stopping at nothing.
Taking no prisoners.
Nothing is left to waste.
I want to escape.
But I don't know how.
And I am afraid to even try.
Call me what you will.
This place will devour all.
All who are unfortunate enough
   to find themselves lost here.
And the fear just makes them
   stronger, bolder.
They cannot be held back.
There is nowhere to hide.
Very little hope for escape.
The darkness covers the way.
This place is a living, awakened
I cannot take it any more.
Whatever it takes.
I'm going to be rid of here.
And gladly at that.
This is what  drives me.
This is what keeps me sound.
Surrounded by insanity and chaos.
One's own lucidity is hard to keep.
The mind is the first to go.
The first that is taken.
After that it's all over.
You are gone.
As if you never existed.
I will rise.
I will press forward.
I will carry on.
I will overcome.
This is my will.
My strongest passion and desire.
I will pressure the gates.
I will tear down the walls.
With my bare hands if need be.
My one and only prayer is this:
That I escape from here.
That I will taste of sweet freedom.
Even if it takes me to my dying


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