Everyone has such kind advice.
But it does me no good.
It does not offer me any real help.
I know you have the greatest of intentions.
But the road to hell is paved with good 
Words are all empty.
They just fall down before me.
No one knows me.
No one knows how I'm feeling.
So how can you presume to try and fix me?
You can't fix me.
I can't even fix me, no one can.
I'm not so sure I want to.
I just do not care.
I've had enough.
Before you open your hole don't!
This all is just too much for me.
I don't want anyone getting in my way.
You just end up walking all over me 
I am overwhelmed and frustrated.
I just do not understand.
I am broken, I am broken, BROKEN!!!
My tears are like frozen darts to my skin.
I try to figure all this out.
All I hear is the noise from someone 
  on the outside.
They just don't know.
How can you even say a thing?!
The noise in my head is bad enough.
I don't need you adding to it.
Please, all I need right now is someone 
  to lean on.
Someone that will just hold me.
I need a shoulder to cry on.
I need a soft touch to wipe away all my tears.
I am falling all apart.
I am coming all undone.
Don't even try to hold me together.
How can you when I cannot?
This is making me so angry.
I curse one and all.
I want to put my fist to everything.
I want to set loose my wrath and rage.
Just to show how I am feeling.
Just to see who'll go running away.
Just to see who will cower in fear.
Just to see who is willing to stay.
Even though how I am acting.
That's a true friend.
Something I am sorely lacking.
But then again it just doesn't matter any more.
Nothing matters any more.
I have grown so very weary.
Here I am again.
About to go down the same path I always do.
The one that leads only to naught.
I will fall, and I will fall hard.
Trying to walk and carry all these burdens.
All the pain, all the hurt, all the harms, 
  all the open wounds.
And keep having to stop and pick up 
  another piece of me.
Here I go again.
Down on myself again.
My greatest burden.
Down on me again.


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  1. Just commenting to let you know that I'm listening/reading.


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