My heart is cold steel.
My heart is solid ore.
It does not beat, it is not alive.
I am not alive.
My life is not lived.
My life is dead.
This is how I am every time You find me.
You look at me, not down on me.
I see only love in Your eyes.
Your radiance shines all around me.
You bring illumination to my darkness.
You melt my heart of cold steel.
You melt my heart of solid ore.
Your touch is so comforting.
Thawed, my tears flow.
Into Your hands.
You hold them all.
You know all I have hidden.
All the harms.
You use the water from those tears 
  to wash over me.
The flow, I absorb.
Instead of hurt and pain I only feel love.
You give me strength to stand.
I have been down for so long.
If not for You I would still be there.
Now I am standing, walking.
When I stumble, You reach out, lifting me up
  into Your mighty gentle arms.
Again I see that love in Your burning eyes.
As You carry me up and away.
As we go, I begin to cry.
You look into my eyes, You simply listen.
I am so thankful, so grateful for the love 
  You show me.
You have healed my broken and shattered 
  heart again.
You are the reason I am even alive right now.
I owe You everything.
My heart is beating.
My heart is breathing.
Your Name is tattooed on my heart.
I know You are alive in me.
I know You are here with me.
You are here.
You are here.
He is here.
He is here.
And I am alive!
I live!
He is here.
He is here.
Right here always.
Right here, right now.
I am alive, I live.
Your life has made me so.
I breathe that life in.
I breathe in Your grace.
I absorb Your love.
I trust, hope in You solely, wholly.
I am nothing apart from You, my Lord.
Who am I? That You call me friend,
  You call me brother.
I am a man full of shame.
And yet You still love me.
Even when I don't You.
Even when I don't me.
You heart is big enough.
Your love is enough.
I am covered.
Scars, wounds and all.
You take what is ugly and make it beautiful.
That is what and who You are to me.


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