Here I am again.
Down on bloodied hands and knees.
I've made a mess of my life again.
I've come undone again.
I'm alone and crying.
I am desperate.
I am overwhelmed.
I cannot go on any more.
Please Father, just hold me.
I am feeling so cold, I am shaking.
I feel crushed.
I feel broken.
Here You are, right here with me.
You never really are far.
I fall, You pick me up and carry me away.
I can hear You singing a sweet melody to me.
It comforts me.
Oh how You, and You alone, love a man 
  such as I am.
I feel the warmth of Your grace and love.
I am never really alone am I?
Not when You are always here with and for me.
I will speak of You for all of my days.
I am so grateful.
I can never thank You enough.
It just is never enough to me.
But I can only say thank You.
It's all I can give You back.
After all You have done for me.
What have I done for You?
But You are always faithful and true,
  to answer and love me.
Your boundless grace and unfailing love will
  forever reign over me.
Oh Lord, reign on me for all eternity!


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  1. God is never far, but is always near. Always right by our sides. We all owe an unpayable debt to Him. Lord thank You, it isn't much, but it's all I have to give, please accept it. I am forever grateful. For Your grace and love for me and for all.


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