There are days so dark I just cannot face them.
They go on forever.
The noise in my head almost  pushes me 
  over the brink.
I am overwhelmed and consumed.
Leaving nothing of me.
There are days that I feel so very cold.
I just want to cover up and wait for the day 
  to go on.
There are nights where I feel I just cannot go on.
Those nights I feel so all alone.
I curse the night.
For it is despair.
It is loneliness.
I just do not want to live here, not like this.
So I pray for release.
I cannot take this any more.
Not on my own.
I don't want to live any more.
I give up, I give in.
I let go.
There is no more hope for me.
I have been let down.
Oh how long the night goes on.
Oh how long the day seems to never end.
This is it.
There is no more.


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