The rains fall hard and cold.
Driving through me like spears.
I fall to my knees.
With my heart in my hands.
It's so fragile.
All cracked and missing pieces.
My tears mix with the rain as they run down 
  my body.
I am racked with pain.
From my sorrow, and anguish.
To be for me is agony.
I have faded to grey.
There is no more.
I can no longer go on.
Hope has fled from me.
I am utterly alone.
I am nothing.
Lesser than rot and decay.
I am swallowed.
I am consumed.
Everything is crashing down on me.
I am crushed.
I am broken.
I am a defect.
There is no reason.
There is no more why.
I don't care, I can't care.
Feelings have lied to me too many times.
What for more?


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  1. This is what it feels like to be mentally ill quite often for me.


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