This world is coming unhinged.
Our idols to self are cracking and crumbling.
Our towers to heaven will soon all fall.
Man is foolishness.
Arrogant and ignorant.
We are but filthy rags all in tatters 
  blowing in the wind.
Evil and wickedness are prevalent.
Making good irrelevant.
Still, I shall carry on the best I can.
I shall press forward through all of this.
I can be pushed down.
But I shall not stay down.
I shall rise, and rise again.
I shall be a light.
I shall be a change in my world.
Nothing will stand in my way.
Nothing will stop my onslaught.
In my surrender I will be victorious.
I do not have to accept anything put
  in my world.
Nor will I.
I shall stand.
I shall not be deterred.
My resolve, unbreakable.
This is my life!
This is my world!
And I mean to keep it.
Gentlemen...THIS MEANS WAR!


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