My life did not begin when I first breathed.
It began when You breathed life into me.
You formed me in the womb.
You gave me a heart and soul.
You made me me.
You gave everything that makes me who I am.
Apart from You I am nothing.
I don't want to live as nothing.
I want to be so much more.
I just want to be someone.
Someone who will take Your notice.
I will follow to the ends of the earth.
Beyond the bounds of the universe itself.
I will know no death.
Eternity is within my reach.
I am not afraid.
With You with me.
Always with me.
Right here with me.
I am alive because you made me and kept me so.
Where I end is where You begin.
You have a hold on me.
You will not let go of me.
You will not let me down.
In Your arms safe from all harms.
Please just hold me.
Please just carry me.
My strength is fleeting often.
But You never are.
Only You always remain.
And so sings my soul.
Of Your honour and Your glory.
You are just so great and good to me.
Oh my Lord, oh my Saviour.
Alpha and Omega.


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