Look for me.
Call for me.
I am always there.
In desperation, and in the calm.
You don't need to feel alone.
Because you are not.
My love surpasses everything.
My love outreaches everyone.
When all seems hopeless.
Know they are not.
I am there with you.
Right now, even to the very end.
I love you so.
I will fight for you when you just cannot.
Look for me.
Call for me.
I am always there.
Holding you.
Carrying you.
I will never let go of you.
I will never let you down.
You can count on me.
You can trust in me solely.
You can depend on me wholly.
I am there.
I am right there.
I catch all your tears.
They speak to me.
Look for me.
I can see you.
Call for me.
I can hear you.
I am always there.
Always right there with you.
You are never alone.
My beloved, my child.


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