How do I let go of someone?
When I want to hold on so badly.
It would be like letting go of a part of me.
How am I supposed to know if I am supposed to?
When it will hurt so very much.
Might as well reach into my own chest and rip
  out my own heart.
If you die so will I.
My heart is yours.
You are my heart.
I can't live without my heart.
I don't want to live without you.
I know life must move on.
With or without you.
With or without me.
That's just how life is.
But as there is an ending there too 
  is a beginning.
I am alive.
I will continue to be so.
I will always miss you.
You will take with you a piece of me.
But live I will.
With the memory of you in my heart you will
  always be alive in me.
So I let go...I let go...of you, of me.


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