You closed your eyes.
You closed your mouth.
Your heart stopped beating.
Your soul ceased to be here any more.
Your mind finally came completely undone.
I just fall down.
You are so far gone.
Your pain is now my pain.
Every night I cry for you as I try in vain to sleep.
I can only imagine what you lived.
The living hell that you lived.
I wish I could have gone through it for you.
Your life hadn't even begun yet.
I have lived most of mine.
God, why did this have to be so?
And she is not the only one I know.
I cannot even begin to fathom why.
I cannot even begin to understand.
It just hurts so much.
I am feeling anger and rage.
I am trying so hard to forgive and love.
It's a struggle for me.
God, I just do not understand!
Is there a reason for all of this?
I'm searching for the why and just cannot find.
Oh my God, why?
You were so very young.
I know your young mind just could not comprehend.
I know I just cannot.
What hurts the most is that I don't know
  where you are now.
I can still feel what you were feeling.
Oh my God, why?
God help me please!
Help me figure all this out.
It just cannot happen again.
I will not let it happen again!
God, take me instead!
Let the young not die young.
Please God!
This has got to stop!
And it stops NOW!!!


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