I am not who you think I am.
There is much evil this man has done.
I am so broken.
I am incomplete.
Dark and cold.
Look at my stare.
My gaze is blank.
I have nothing in me.
Nothing I am willing to give away.
Don't you see?
Don't you understand?
There is no me.
There is nothing.
Empty and hollow am I.
Secluded, separated.
Exclusive and withdrawn.
I want it this way.
You will just have to figure yourself out on your own.
You will get no help from me.
I am just not capable.
I will resist you.
I will turn from you if need be.
I can only look after me.
And barely able to even handle that.
I am the broken one.
I don't want to break you too.
I know I will.
Just close the door.
Walk away from me.
You deserve what is best for you.
I will never be that.
I can never be that.


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