Right now I feel so weary.
I just want to close my eyes to life.
Letting it go its own way.
Right now I just don't care.
I'm all worn and weathered.
My heart and soul are cracked and bleeding.
My will has worn thin.
I feel so helpless.
Right now I feel myself fading away into nothingness.
This feels like my end.
As I am falling.
Just turn away and go your own way.
I don't need you here.
Everyone lies.
I don't want you here, right now.
Just let me go.
I'm so far down.
I can't even see the light of day any more.
But I welcome this darkness.
I welcome this cold.
Right now, it's how I feel.
And I don't care.


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  1. Depression is so much more than just feeling down.
    It is quite cold, dark and harsh.
    That's why I wrote this poem as I did so as to portray honestly the stark reality that is depression.


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