I cannot say that I know it all.
I cannot even say that I know some.
But still I continue forward the best I 
As hard as it is for me.
Darkness covers everything.
And the cold is bone chilling.
My heart is down-trodden.
It is almost impossible to keep looking 
So much pushes and pulls at me.
I find myself breaking down sometimes.
My tears flood my world.
And I swallow them all.
My hope wears thin.
My walls are caving in
I find myself buried 'neath it all.
I am in ruins.
But I can feel a warmth over me.
I open my eyes to the light all around.
As I am lifted out of the swamp I am in.
Out of the rot and decay.
I begin to breathe for the first time.
I am breathing in new life.
But I am mindful of the man I used to 
I know he will always be close by.
Biding his time.
Whispering in my ear.
Enticing me to run away.
Everyday I fight with myself.
So many battles are lost.
But, the war is far from over.
More battles lie ahead.
I find solace in that I am not alone.
Oh, I know.
I know....

Scott David Buckley (11/07/2012)

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