I watch this world as it carries on.
Day to day.
Seemingly with no worries or cares.
And I do wish all that for myself.
To not have a single care in the world.
But I know it's just a lie.
An illusion.
Oh, why doesn't anyone see?
Why don't so many believe?
All are blind to the horror that awaits
  at life's end.
But I realize it's not always so cut 
  and dry.
Laid out for all to see.
Their life is all their own.
It's all up to them to live.
As they see fit.
The choices are theirs to make.
But I know time is short.
Living on borrowed time that is soon
  to run out.
All that I can do is watch and pray.
Oh Lord please cover them all.
In Your infinite grace and love.
I know You are faithful.
I know You hold the whole world 
  in Your hands.
I know You shine a light so bright.
So I watch and I wait.
Praying that someone will see You in 
It's all I can do.

Scott David Buckley-(21/07/2012)

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