Can you see me,
Or do you see what is not me?
Can you hear me,
Or do you only hear what you want to hear?
Can you love me,
Or do you just pretend?
Is your smile false,
As you cross your fingers behind your back?
Do you know me,
Or do you just presume to?
When I come undone do you judge me?
Do I make you frustrated with my behaviour?
Do you look down on me,
Or do you pretend that you do not?
Would you rather forget that existed,
Hoping that I would just go away?
Can you see inside my head?
Can you see all my hurt and pain?
I have been damaged from all the harms I now harbour.
My mind is fragmented.
My mind is ill.
Can you see this,
Or do you just turn your head away?
I invite you to try and see inside my head.
Will you ever acknowledge me?
Will you ever accept me,
As I am, such as I am?
Do you know me,
Are you arrogant enough to say yes?
You don't see my tears.
I catch them all,
Keeping them hidden.
I cannot take the ridicule,
The rejection, and the hate.
Can you see me trying to hide myself,
Do you even care?
I just want to live,
But this life of mine is slowly killing me.
If you could only see,
Look inside my head.


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  1. I do not blame anyone for the harms I now harbour within myself. I am trying to forgive but I'm having trouble forgetting, bogging the wheels of forgiveness down.
    This so-called life of mine is slowly killing me. But, you will never know. I will make sure of it.


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