I promised that this time would be the last 
  so many times.
Then broke them all every time.
Was I just lying to you?
I know I was lying to myself.
How much did it hurt each time?
I never meant to, but I always did.
It was my very nature.
Selfish and self-centred.
My wanderlust got the best of me.
I always let you down.
I always disappointed you.
Driving the knife in your heart ever deeper.
Your crimson tears fall down on me, soaking me.
I don't know why.
It's what I do, I'm just a man.
I have regretted all I've done to you 
  over the years.
But regrets are just me making excuses.
I don't want this, but continue on my own way, 
Every time I can hear your crying and 
  your wailing.
You only had love for me.
I cast it aside like garbage.
Another last time, another broken promise.


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