Lines on my skin.
I try to burn the pain away.
Etched deep into my flesh.
The reminder of the chaos in my mind.
Take the razor to the skin.
Expose the cries of torment inside.
Silence screams.
I just want to cut all the dark away.
No more to touch this empty heart and soul of mine.
The torment is infinite.
I am disposable.
Left to fester and rot.
Breathe in the decay.
As I devour myself.
This is an omen.
Cries are silent in their retching.
All this madness swallows me.
As my heart beats as a fist.
And the murder of life victimizes me again.
The razor cuts and burns.
As I witness the crimson trail trace down my 
Hope deleted.
This is the field I will die upon.
The scorching of all faith.
Let the memories claim me again.
Perfection of release.
The lies I am consumed of.
Oh so far away.
Life is a separation. 
Isolate the fear inside me.
Rid myself of any remnant of joy.
Bury myself in the cold earth.
Alive in death.
Close me to the fate that comes for me.
My mind is choked with weeds.
The poison spreads and burns.
I've pulled myself apart.
I've pulled myself down.
Deep down in the swamps of my soul.
I reach for what I used to know.
As the reaper comes for me.
Calling my hollow name.
Breathe, I just need to breathe.
Inject the new poison.
Leave me here.
Forgotten to the end times.
I fight to within a hair of my former self.
Please rid me of me.
Flush me away.
Carry me down.
The sun is falling as the night rises.
Cut me off.
This is the closing.
I cannot, cannot no more.
You will see me.
You will not grieve me.
I am hollow.
I am invisible to time.
As I sit slumped in visible silence.
I will fall.
Fall into the nothingness.
The darkness and despair couples.

(Scott David Buckley-24/03/2012)

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