As the rain starts to fall.
I wade out into the waters.
Struggling to remain afloat.
And just to keep my head 'bove the waves.
Fear is so easy at hand.
It weighs me down so heavy.
Dragging me 'neath the raging storm.
But there is a calm.
Like none I've ever known past ways.
And hope come from within.
To stand on the rising swells.
The fear melts away with the waters.
I begin to float on air so sweet.
I no longer swallow that which sees me drown.
And I can breathe in deep again.
For I am held tight, deep in the arms of a Saviour.

(Scott David Buckley-18/03/2012)

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  1. As the storms of life rage we are held safe by faith in the 'Arms of a Saviour.'


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