My voice is broken.
Bruised and abused.
My mind is scorched.
And I am crumbling in on myself.
There is no hope.
The avalanche buries me.
I am just pulverised debris.
The day is drawing to a close.
And the silence is madness.
I cannot write this down.
I have taken myself.
Cut myself off just to bleed in solitude.
I am fading.
I am burning out.
See these lines in my skin.
They are a map to my infirmities.
Cast me off.
I will bleed.
No more.
Never more.
The razor traces my tears.
Watch me bleed out.
Water me down.
Oh consequence.
Judge me now.
Apathy, empathy, what's the difference?
Close my eyes now.
Turn out the lights.
Say good-bye.

(Scott David Buckley-27/03/2012)

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