My tears flow free.
As I fall down again.
I know, oh I know.
The pain my sin brings.
Trying to stand.
I always end up down on my knees.
My eyes behold the grace and love.
That falls down to cover me.
I am just a fallen lost soul.
What is this that comes for me?
A Saviour, a Redeemer?!
Messiah and Lord of all!
And I cannot help but to proclaim.
Revival's fire burns hot and bright.
There is just no denying.
The baptism in fire ignites.
There is just no escaping.
Love's bite sinks deep.
All the scar tissue is burned away.
All the scars take on the brilliance of healing.
And the triumphant horns blow.
They blow for all eternity.
There is no bliss in ignorance.
Bliss needs to shine.
Let loose the Mighty Rushing Wind.
This is the testimony I bring humbly.
For I am not my own.
My heart belongs to the One who made me.
I was born to profess of His glory.
To tell of His mighty deeds.
That light falls down on me.
Love reigns forever more over me.
My sin has brought me here.
There is comfort in my agony.
Oh you need to see.
Oh you need to hear.
Just what forgiveness' healing has done.
And this is what is to be told.


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