There was this little child.
Lost, alone, and hungry.
Dirt marred his little face.
Except where there were tear lines.
No one could see him.
Or rather no one would see him.
He was the forgotten.
He was invisible or was he in visible?
Oh how he cried and cried.
He has a lonely heart.
An empty heart.
A broken heart.
All he wants is to go home.
All he wants is to have a home.
All he really wants is a place to lay his little head.
Oh God, is this too much to ask?
Who will love this little broken child?
 Hearts are so cold.
How long, how long till he is known, 
  no longer forgotten?
Oh God, when will these questions have answers?
He deserves so much more than this.
Oh God, is this too much to ask again?


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