I am just a fallen soul.
I walk a crooked and broken path 
  in pitch black alone.
I have have known terror, I have known true horror.
I have been angry, I have been enraged,
  I have blamed and hated.
I have turned my back and walked away
  from all I knew to be true.
I never did know why I did it.
I have gone my own way just to become lost.
I have lost hope, I have given up on faith.
Love has been so foreign.
I was so desperate.
I reached out and light shone down on me.
I was taken up, out and away from all this misery.
I am learning to love again, 
  I am learning to trust again.
Once more I have hope and faith.
I will not let go, not ever again, 'cause then
  I'd be truly lost, empty and alone.
I couldn't take that again, I'm just not strong enough.
I have come to realize I cannot make it through
  this night alone.
Heaven's star shine your light down on this
  poor excuse for a man, guide me home.
I am so weary, I just want to rest.
Please provide shelter and refuge for this broken 
  down wanderer.
I will wait on You.
Will You give me wings to soar?
I just want to be closer, closer to You.
Please draw close and hold my heart, 
  shattered as it is.
It's all I have.
Please repair my torn soul.
Will You take me, make me whole?
I just want to rest in You.
Wrap me up and keep me safe and warm.
I have never known what it is to be loved.
And if I wander away, will You come after me?
Will You search me down?
Will You leave the ninety-nine just to find
  and bring home this one?
I am still prone to wander, disillusioned 
  with to much wonder.
What is out there for me?
Will I ever find what it is I'm looking for?
Will I ever ever know just what is I am looking for?
Fallen again.
Face down and marred.
Naked, shivering and afraid.
I just don't know.
I still have hope, I still have faith, they're
  all I have left.
I can feel Your touch upon me.
Once again You pick me up, out, and carry me away 
  from here.
Out of the dark and despair.
I rest my head on Your strong shoulder.
This is where I belong, I belong with and to You.
Please don't ever let me go, don't ever let me down.
I have known this all too well in my so-called life.
I can't promise I will never hurt or disappoint You,
  it's what I do.
Forsaken by one and all except You.
No matter what, I know You will move 
  all Heaven and Earth just to reach me.
But I am my own worst enemy, I have this habit
  of lying to myself, and so it always 
sends me running.
I just want to die. 
I am the guilty one.
But there You are once again, with arms open wide,
  You take me in again, I am home where I belong.
Nothing else matters any more, I am here, 
  here I will stay.
No more fear, no more shivering, no more 
  tears shed.
Learning to love again, I can love again.
But my old man still haunt me, still calls to me,
  whispering in my ear, enticing me to follow.
But I will stand firm this time, I will hold fast
  this time.
This is my home, you can just go back to Hell
  from whence you came.
You cannot have me.
Not now, not ever, forever more.

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