I will never be here again.
I will never return here again.
I will move on, I will walk on, I will press forward.
I will fight even to my last breath.
This is my journey, I will sojourn on till 
  I am home again.
I can see the candle in the window so far off.
But I will push forward through this mud and mire.
There is no doubt in my heart that I am 
  going to get there, my destination.
Only then will I lay down to rest.
For I will have passed into eternity.
This weary soul will not be so any more.
But until then I must keep moving, forever moving.
I don't want to be stagnant, for that is when
  I will become atrophy.
I will shrink into nothing.
Though oh so weary, though oh so hurt.
Wounded and bleeding out.
Life is slipping away.
I will arise, I will not accept death, for 
  death has no hold on me.
I will crawl on bloodied hands and knees 
  if I have to.
I will drag myself face down along the ground
  just like a snake.
I am determined, I have resolved, I will not quit, 
  I will not stop.
If you're not going to help, get out of my way.
My gaze is fixed squarely on the horizon.
The sun always rises and so too shall I.
This is the first day of my life and I will live it
  to the best of my abilities.
There is a fire within me.
I only see one thing.
A beauty beyond any description.
That is where my heart and soul long to be.
I will take one step...
I will take one step...
I will take one step...
I will take one step...
On and on and on and on and on.....To be continued....


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