We are the lambs waiting the slaughter.
We have accepted our fate.
We have resigned ourselves to the inevitable.
Hope is non-existent.
We await the impending doom.
But this is not the end.
This is where we will begin.
Rise and rise again.
Our fate is ours to change.
Stand and put up a fight.
Let our rage break our oppression.
Chains will be loosed.
We will raze this place down to the ground.
Taking back what is ours.
Dignity, respect, joy, freedom.
There is no price too high.
In fact that price has been paid in full.
Time to move on, press on, forward, onward, upward.
No more bounds.
Perimeters will fall.
Push on my beloved.
Pressure the hinges.
The gate will topple.
The walls will crumble.
There is no stopping us.
We will no longer cower.
We will no longer run from our fear.
The fear will be cast off.
They will run from us.
Give chase brothers and sisters.
Bring them down.
Cut them down.
They will feel the wrath of righteous anger.
We are the blessed resistance.
No longer weak.
We are strong.
We are mighty.
Raise a bloody fist to the blood red skies.
Take no more oppression.
Let your whimper become a whisper 
  become a scream.
May your resolve be more solid than steel.
Motivate, radiate, illuminate.
Let there be no doubt.
You have your ground.
Dig in deep.
You are resolved to hold this your ground.
Surrender is not an option.
Do or die.
Rise above, go over the top.
Take it to the enemy.
We will not be pushed back.
We mean to re-capture the ground we surrendered.
This time to keep.
For God, For Jesus is our mighty battle cry.
The stench of death hangs heavy on the air.
The bodies pile to the red scorched skies.
The air is acrid.
Legion is quashed.
The oppression is done.
The battle is won, but the war rages on.
As long as there are oppressed we fight on.
Even to the very end.
No matter how strong the resistance.
The righteous horde is marching to another battle.
No fear.
Hate, anger and rage.
We are the Chosen Few.
Do not underestimate us.
Our true numbers are hidden.
For we are many.
Raise ten thousand fists high.
Let loose ten thousand voices.
The King will return.
The Mighty Host of Heaven will follow.
A mighty rage of angels.
Retribution is coming.
We will not bear a single mark.
We will see that you do.
The pit containing the Lake of Fire is open 
  and calling your name evil one.
Lucifer your light of the morning 
  has been snuffed out.
With all the torture and torment you caused 
  this world you will suffer forever more.
Victory is at hand people.
Oh, God's children rise, and rise again
  till lambs become lions.
Never retreat, push forward, never, NEVER give up!
I fight for you.
You fight for me.
We fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
And so we fight, we fight on.
Whatever it takes.
By any means.
I will lay down my life for my friends if need be.
There's no greater love than this.
I know you will do the same.
Rise and rise again till lambs become lions.
Never, never give up.
Even in your weakness.
That's when God is strongest.
Even in doubt.
Jesus on the cross provided assurance.
So child, you and I can lay down to rest.
There is rest assured.
There is a refuge.
A tower of strength.
A mighty fortress is our King.
Love is our ally.
Undefeatable, unbreakable, invincible.
No resignation to the prevalent darkness 
  in our world.
No black, no white, and NO grey!
We will take this spark, we will ignite a flame
  we will set fire to this world.
We will take this world by storm.
Nothing will hold back the surge.
We advance, we mount an offense,
  no need for a defense.
We are brothers, we are sisters, we are the union.
The legion that will bring defeat to Legion.
Let the mighty shout rise up and spread.
We are standing, we are not going away,
  we will be counted.
We are the dead reckoning.
This is what it is all about, why we fight.
Love is the meaning of life.
Love is the key to living a meaningful life.
Love is worth living for.
Love is worth fighting for.
Love is worth dying for.
Love is all, love is everything.
This is our strength.
This is our resolve.
This is our inspiration.
Our battle cry: "FOR LOVE!!!"
There is no fear when love casts of fear.
There is hope.
There is faith.
There is love.
Love is the greatest.
We stand, we fall, we crawl, we rise,
  we march forward, we bring it.
We believe, and even Legion believes and trembles.
We are the lions that will slaughter.



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