I am broken.
I have been abused.
I have been raped.
My innocence gone.
Ripped from this fragile heart.
Still holding onto hope.
I believe hope will never let me down.
It's all I have.
Everything else has been taken.
Or did I give it all away?
I am afraid.
I tremble with fear.
Lies are all I have ever been told.
Lies are all that I know.
I am angry.
I am enraged.
Hate consumes me.
Shut up, just, SHUT UP!
I don't care.
I don't care.
Just how much is a man's heart supposed to endure?
My heart is crushed like one of glass.
See my blood trickling down to the ground.
I am slowly bleeding out.
Oh, why does it hurt to breathe.
Still I have my hope.
Meager as it is.
It's all that keeps me.
The past is fading.
The future is starting to shine.
I bask in the warmth of faith's light.
I will walk on, I will walk on.
I will press on, I will press on.
I will crawl if need be.
My hope keeps urging me on.
My faith is carrying me on.
I believe I will make it.
All that was the past has made me stronger.
Given me the will to fight through this hate and rage.
Love is strengthening me.
All that was lost.
All that was taken.
All that was surrendered.
I have been restored.
I have been renewed.
I have been revived.
Eternity is mine.
Salvation is mine.
No longer empty.
No longer lost.
No longer captive.
Though I still bear scars.
They're the story of my life.
Never forget or doomed to repeat.
These are my scars.


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