You tore me down.
You stood on my chest.
You held me there.
I could not move.
I could not breathe.
The pressure pushing down on me was immense.
I fought to get free, but the more I struggled
  the harder you held me down.
You had a smile scratched on your face.
Your eyes were dark pools of evil.
And I was afraid.
I feared for my very soul.
You already ripped out my heart.
Holding the still beating organ in  your hand.
My blood ran down your arm.
Falling to the already blood soaked ground.
I want to give up.
I'm not so sure it's worth it any more.
I've not the strength to put up any more fight.
I feel the life draining from me.
My features grow ashen.
But there's still a fire deep down within me.
It feeds the rage in me.
I fight back to my feet.
I take back my heart and soul.
You just laugh at me.
You call me small and insignificant.
Then why bother with me at all?
Do not answer, I don't want to hear
  any more of your lies.
You are vicious and fierce.
Once honey on my lips.
Now I see the poison that you are.
You'll no longer infect me.
I will cut you down.
I will wipe that ruby red smile from
  your beautiful face.
The face that seduced me a thousand times.
No more!
You've no more power over me.
Your spell is broken.
You can go back to the hell you came from.
This is my soul and I will keep it.
I will fight for it to the death.
For only my body will die.
My soul is eternal.
You can no longer hold me down.
I'm now the one who will push you down.
I will hold you there.
I will hold your head 'neath the surface of the sea.
Your horrible screams will not faze me.
I will laugh as you meet your demise.
Your master is calling you.
I'd hate to be you.
I am standing, I am walking away.
My gaze is fixed on the horizon.
In my heart and soul I know, oh I know,
  I am going home.
This is my journey.
Though I walk alone, I am not alone.
I can see a candle's light through the misty black.
How far to go I know not.
Just that I am going home.
And I will get there someday.
Never paying any more attention to you.
My dear, dear nemesis.
My toxic sweetheart.
You once had an iron grip on me.
But those bonds were loosed.
Now I am free!
This captive heart soars oh so high
  above the heavens.
I breathe in life.
I breathe in hope.
I breathe in faith.
I breathe in love.
I am alive, I am alive!
Rise on wings, soar on mighty wings.
I am alive!


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