I am fallen.
I have fallen.
The sky has come down on me.
My world crumbled down around me.
Now it's all in ruin.
Here I am crying.
With my own blood on my hands.
I am forced to face myself.
There's no more getting away with murder.
I am both victim and predator.
Chains wrap 'round my neck.
Slowly tightening.
Choking, suffocating.
I cannot move.
I am chained to this spot.
Whether I want it or not.
There's nothing for me to do.
I'd give up but I gave up a long time ago.
Fears and insecurities are numbing.
Everything I know is false.
All that I believed has become a lie.
I let myself down.
I betrayed myself.
Was anything ever true?
Was I only seeing an illusion?
It is so easy to be fooled.
When anger and hate cloud your vision.
Such is the case with this so-called life of mine.
I think I've gone from one lie to another.
I don't know which is worse.
Maybe I've got it all backwards.
Maybe I've got it all wrong.
Maybe I was lying to myself.
But were you telling me the truth?
Confusion creates chaos.
That's what my life is.
Anarchy of the soul.
Revolution and rebellion have killed many.
The biggest of all lies.
Righteousness in disarray.
I just cannot contemplate anything.
I try to speak.
But my voice is too hoarse.
So I continue to cry.
But these tears have become caustic.
My soul is poisoned.
The infection has spread to my heart.
My frayed heart strings have all unraveled.
I am falling all away.
But in the midst of all this shines a beacon
  that I see.
Calling to me.
Guiding me to safe harbour.
With jagged rocks on all sides and beneath.
I am cut, bruised and beat.
My heart is torn.
My soul is bleeding.
But I can feel the healing begin.
I am breathing again for the first time.
All that was is no more and what is
  no more is is once again.
My scorched wings unfurl.
I am the fallen.
But see me rise again from my own ashes.
The fire envelopes me.
It wraps around me.
But I do not burn.
I shine, I illuminate, I radiate.
I am fallen.
I have fallen.
I am risen.
I have risen.
Stand back, I am about to take flight
  on the wings of eagles.
I will soar, I will soar.
Even higher than angels.
I will explode like a firecracker.
I have become a star for all to see floating
  on the waves of the heavens.
I just want to shine back down on you.
My friend, my beloved, just look at me.
You too can shine.
You too can rise above.
Just close your eyes, you will see.
Let your mortal self go.
Let your spirit expand and grow.
Let go of all your mortal bonds.
Allow your feet to rise from the dust and dirt.
You have wings too.
And you can rise on those wings of eagles
Up above where even angels dare go. 
You can soar.
You can soar.
You can soar!



I'd love to know what you think of this poem.