It's alright to cry.
Child, I am right there with you.
I am holding tight onto you. 
I'm not going to let you down,
It's not in my nature.
I so very much love you.
I gave away everything for you.
I followed you wherever.
Even when it led to the middle of nowhere.
So, child, it's alright to cry.
Let your tears fall down just like rain drops.
I will shelter you.
I will give you refuge.
My love covers you.
I left the ninety-nine for you.
That is just how much I love you.
All that you've said and done.
I do not care about.
My love for you is all that matters.
So go ahead and cry if you want to.
It's alright.
You are safe and warm wrapped 
  in my embrace.
Those tears, I will wipe dry.
Child, I love you.


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