I have made a mess of my life.
I have made more out of everything
  than I needed to.
Now I am lying here alone.
With tear stains on my face.
Etched there for all eternity.
I can still feel the burning sensation.
I have my eyes closed tight.
I don't want to see anything.
It all scares me to death.
This is an open grave I lie in.
Maybe if I wait long enough
  it will all go away.
But, you know, it never does.
In fact it gets bigger and bigger
  all of the time.
So I look to another.
Someone who will save me from myself.
For I am my own worst enemy.
Down on bloodied hands and knees.
Head hung low.
I cry, "please, please save me."
I cannot do this on my own.
I cannot continue on alone.
I have been broken for far too long.
I don't want this for myself.
I don't need this for myself.
I need You to take me away.
Take me away from myself.
To where I need to be.
To where I should be.
I need You to carry me.
Carry me up, out and away from here.
I have been entombed for too long.
Will You please set me free from myself.
Set me free from my own prison.
Will You kill me?
Will You bring me back to life again?
I believe if I just touch You I will be healed.
I believe if I can just get close enough to You
  I will be made whole again.
I am the water waiting to become wine.
I am the one who's faith You will say has
  healed me.
You are the way I want to go.
You are the truth I want to hear.
You are the life I want to live.
Will You please bring me to You.
I believe there is none other than You.
Jesus, You are the one I am talking about.
I believe in You, please, please, please save me.


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