I hear your voice in my mind.
The last time we talked.
So long ago.
What a shame.
You say I never call.
I say you never call either.
It seems we only talk when we have
  a difference to put out there.
I am just as much to blame as you are.
Who's right, who's wrong does not matter
  any more.
Did it ever?
Are the hurt feelings really worth it?
Just to be the one who's right.
We're both blind.
We're so far apart.
Why do our feelings have to get in the way?
Can we not just move on?
This can't be the end.
There has got to be more than all this.
Let the healing begin.
Let forgiveness take everything all away.
We both say "I love you."
If we both mean it.
Then moving on is possible.
Lay down our arms.
And learn to love again.
Learn to love...again.
This time forever...forever.


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