I still remember you.
I still see your smile.
Bigger than the world and life.
I still see your tear stained heart that
  you wore on your sleeve.
I saw the poison arrow that pierced your soul.
Then I saw the bow in my hand.
There was blood on my hands.
You just wanted to live, laugh and love.
But it is hard to do when no one gives 
  you any of these.
You were far from perfect, still you kept
  on trying.
You did the best you could.
Even though those around you said 
  your best was not enough.
I wish I could take back all that I said to you.
I wish I could take back all that I did
  that killed you inside.
I was the poison you breathed in.
But all this no longer matters.
These days are done and gone.
I can't continue to hold on to any of these.
They are burdens that will crush me beneath.
Good-bye, so long.
I will still remember you.
I will still remember your smile.
I will still remember your ability to love.
You will live in my heart eternally.


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