The pieces are scattered all around.
There is a missing peace.
This world keeps moving on.
The ever passing moment has gone already.
Did I miss something?
Is there something I have forgotten?
Endlessly I wonder.
Or is it wander?
Either way I am just looking for answers.
I still haven't found what I am looking for.
Still I sojourn on.
Not exactly sure of what it is I search for.
Meanwhile life has moved on down the road.
I am forgotten again.
Prodigal and forsaken.
Life waits for no one.
One has to live it while there is still a chance.
Once it is gone it's too late.
There are no second chances.
Life forgives no one.
You need to decide, do or do not.
And don't wait for tomorrow.
Tomorrow is not guaranteed.
Someday never comes.
The choice is the same for everyone.
Hesitate and it all gets worse.
Falling in.
Falling down.
Rise and rise again.
Stand tall and be counted.
I've no where else to go.
So I must fight to hold my ground.
This foreign world will not continue
 to oppress me.
I am slave to no one.
This life is my own.
And I mean to keep it.
I cannot let life get away from me.
I cannot allow a single moment to go.
I cannot wait standing on the sidelines.
Waiting is a double edged knife that cuts
  long and deep.
It is an infection that will spread 
  and consume.
But I will face it head on.
With a smile on my face.
Life is one big beautiful mess.
A sweetness on my lips.
I need to live this life before it is done.
For when it is done there is no
  starting again.
The end is looming on the horizon.
The journey will soon reach a destination.
And all the pain will be worth it.


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