I feel an overwhelming sense of 
  impending doom.
I watch the scorched skies overhead.
I am waiting for them to be rent.
I am waiting for the coming fire to fall.
Razing all that man has built to the ground.
Returning it to dust.
The evil that men do will know retribution.
There will be no more denying.
There will be no more excuses to make.
Whether you believe is moot.
God knows your heart.
Have you spent your whole life believing in vain?
God kept account of everything.
And will judge accordingly.
You will know just what it is to be afraid.
Like nothing you have ever known before.
All will burn.
The stench of decay will become the air you breathe.
The poison you all will ingest.
You will absorb.
You will be saturated.
The world and all the nations will know
  once and for all.
That Jesus Christ is truly Lord over all.
Bow your heads all you heathens.
As the axe of the Lion falls upon you.


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