The world is hopeless.
I choose to hold onto hope.
My salvation allows me that.
It's all I have left in this forsaken place.
I am covered with faith.
A faith that is not false.
No matter what you say to me.
You are a liar.
You will not deceive me.
I will not let you.
No matter what form you take.
I will always see you.
You and who you are.
You are cold.
You are dark.
You are false.
You are anti.
I am above you.
You are the dirt 'neath the dirt 'neath my feet.
I will call you by your name, Legion.
All that I am is in the Lord.
Who I am is in the Lord.
And thus rests my hope.
I am assured.
I will witness you thrown into the Lake of Fire.
There you will suffer the torment you caused
  this world for so long for all eternity.


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