I have tried so very hard.
Only to fail.
I did my very best.
Just to have it be not enough.
I want to believe.
How can I when all this is hanging over me?
I want to turn it all around.
How can I if I cannot see where I am going?
I have reached out.
Only to grasp a hold of empty air.
I have cried out.
Only to have my cries fall on deaf ears.
How can I have any hope?
When all I see is despair.
Who will save me from myself?
When I could not myself.
Who will understand?
When I cannot.
Where can I go?
When I am in the middle of nowhere.
How can I rest?
If I am always restless.
How can I still have faith?
When my heart and soul are broken.
How am I supposed to know?
If I don't know.
Who will catch me?
When I've already slammed into rock bottom.
How can I hear anything?
When the silence is deafening.
How can I see anything?
When the light is blinding.
How can I live?
When I am dead already.


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