Everyone and everything lies.
Emotions betray always.
Despair covers everything.
A veil that darkens it all.
Blinding, separating.
My heart is crushed.
My hopes cast away.
Leaving me empty.
Just a hollow shell of a man am I.
I live in a world that is spinning faster and 
  faster into oblivion.
I am unsure of everything these dark days.
Oh, how my soul aches.
Time, what of it?
That debt has come due.
Any wages have escaped me.
I was shielded for so long.
I do not know how to fight.
Confusion quickly becomes frustration.
My mind just won't work right.
Broken, I am broken.
Falling, I am falling apart.
It's all raining down on me now.
Acid covering me.
Caustic and corrosive.
No flesh, no bone.


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