Looks like my life has passed me by.
Looks like it has gone on without me.
Leaving me behind standing in a fog.
That's how it is for me.
Not a wanna be, a never was.
So here I am standing on the side of the road.
Here I am alone and crying.
Naked and cold.
Where did it all go?
What happened to everything?
One day I was alive, the next I was not.
I blinked and saw my whole life flash before 
  my eyes.
There wasn't anything there.
Looks like I was never alive but dead.
I drop down to my knees.
I cannot breathe.
I am hyperventilating.
All this is so overwhelming.
It's too much for my fragmented mind 
  to comprehend.
Looks like I have wasted all of my years.
Looks like I have wasted all of my life.
My life is a life yet lived.
I have lived as dead.
Depression and anger seem to be my lot in life.
Loneliness, my measure.
I am down and cannot get back up.
I cannot go on.
Not that I was going anywhere in the first place.
My life just seems.
My reality isn't real.
Just me, a broken man staring 
  into a broken mirror.
My gaze is fixed, unable to look away.
I have stopped, dropped and burned.
There is no saving me now.
My salvation has passed me on by.
Call me forsaken.
Call me forgotten.
Redemption is out of reach for me.
Looks like I have lost out.
Afraid to live, afraid to even try.
Looks like this is the end for me.
I will fade away now.
Let the cold dark overcome me.
Despair will envelope me.
I will close the eyes that were never open.
Looks like this is it for me.
I will give up before I even begin.


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  1. The moment is ever passing.
    Blink and you'll miss it. Leaving you wondering.
    It's so easy to be left behind.
    So easy to be forgotten.
    Leaving you with only regrets, regrets are a way of making excuses for yourself.
    This is your life, live it while you still can, there are no second chances.


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