You are my life.
You are my oxygen.
The sunshine warming my face.
My heart beats for you.
Your name is honey on my lips.
I take you in.
I feel so alive.
Again for the first time.
You brought me back to life.
Rescued me from certain death.
You are holding me even now.
Through this jungle you carry me.
You will not let me fall prey to any.
No one can even approach you.
You are radiant.
You are illumination.
You are the one, THEE only one!
Your soul is a wellspring of life.
Life eternal.
Alive and pure.
Those who drink of you never thirst again.
You sustain.
I will speak your name as long as my lungs draw air.
I will speak of you.
I will not stop.
I will not cease.
I will not back down.
No matter how many come against me.
I will not give in.
I'd rather die than bear the mark of evil.
If you are for me no one can be against me.
For you go before me.
The battles are done.
The war is over.
It is finished. 
Death is dead and buried.
May you reign forever more.
The mighty, the powerful, the loving, God Lord.


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