I am  surrounded by a ring of fire.
My heart is raging.
My soul breathes in Your burning oxygen.
I am seard by Your heat.
I am filled by Your Spirit.
My feet leave this ground.
I soar up beyond all the heavens.
Even higher than all the angels.
Your light is blinding.
Your love is all that I can see.
Oh, You are the only one.
All that this weary man needs.
Oh, Godspeed.
I will reach out for You.
You gave life to me.
And oh so much more than even I know.
I will let it all go.
Just so I can hold on.
I will die.
Just so I can live.
I will rise.
I will orbit You.
Round and around and around...
I am Your satellite.
I put all my hope with You.
My faith is in You wholly, solely.
I take this chance.
You will be my reward.
Oh, burn, burn, burn, burn...


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