If love never fails.
Then where is the love?
So many lost souls.
They just don't know any better.
Who is going to tell them?
Who is going to show them?
The road home is clear.
Although crooked.
Shrouded in haze.
The pollution of this world 
  covers everything.
Everyone is living a lie.
Everyone is living in fear.
We all fight to hold on.
We fight to let go.
Life is the paradox.
Damned if you do. 
Damned if you don't.
And the evil that men do is so prevalent.
This is not how it was meant to be.
We went horribly wrong somewhere a long the way.
Or was it right from the very beginning.
Call mankind ignorant.
But we all know better.
Make no excuse.
We all have sinned.
We all stand naked before God.
He alone knows the heart of a man.
And we all should fear that.
This is the fear of God.
Think you are righteous?
I have to question that.
I have to question myself.
And no matter how much we protest.
Mo matter how much we do.
No matter how much we talk.
The question will always remain.
Is it well with you?
God will still ask you at the end of your days...
"My son what did you do with what
   I gave to you?"
Better ask yourself this.
I will ask myself this.
Did I love?
Did I love?
Did I love as He loved?


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