My life is not my own.
It was given to me.
It is not mine to take.
It is not mine to squander.
For I was created to live and love.
I was made to breathe.
I was made to see.
I was made to hear.
But even though I tried to take my life many times.
Even though I have so many wasted years.
Even though I've been angry and hated.
I am still loved by a love that surpasses all.
A love that is so high above me.
A love I do not deserve.
But I am loved anyway.
I have lost so much of myself.
I have given away so much of myself.
My innocence was stolen a long time ago.
And it brings shame upon me.
'Cause I did nothing to stop it.
It's like I gave it away.
Still all this has been wiped away.
My tears have ceased.
And any tears that there are are shining
  brilliantly with the love of One who died
    to show just how much that I am loved.
I may not be perfect.
But I keep trying to do my best.
And God's love is there the whole time.
My life is not mine so I give it to the One
  who made me.
No one can take it from me, NO, not even me!
God take my life make it Yours again.
This life is Yours.


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