I can't hold back my emotions right now.
They have a hold on me, suffocating me slowly.
I am fighting for my very life.
I am clawing and scratching for every breath.
But I am overwhelmed.
My head is slowly sinking 
 'neath the crashing waves.
With each breath I swallow a mouthful of water.
I am drowning in an ocean of my own sorrows.
My harms all weigh me down.
Down into the deep dark depths I disappear.
I can't save myself with all that I am feeling.
I know they are all lying.
They are all so enticing.
I am still alive, but only barely.
I am holding onto hope more than ever before.
Right now it's all I have.
I know I won't be let down.
As I am slipping away I feel myself rising still.
I am still breathing.
I am bleeding, but I am healing.
I am comforted.
I am assured.
I am not alone.
Still I live with my emotions and feelings.
You just don't know.
A foe so formidable.
I am just not strong enough.
Not on my own.
But I am not left on my own.
I feel a peace fall onto me.
Love captures me.
Love stronger than all I feel.
Love that keeps me afloat.
Love that keeps me.


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