I will not go quietly.
Just to save face.
Just to make peace with anybody.
This is my life.
I will live it as I see fit.
You will not tell me any different.
I can rise.
I can stand.
And I am.
I will not be ignored.
I will not be silenced.
This has gone on long enough.
This is where I will draw the line.
I dare you to cross it.
This is my ground.
I mean to keep it.
"Come on! I dare you to move!"
This is it.
I will see you fall.
As I am still standing.
And the blood that was spilled was not mine.
I spit upon you in utter contempt.
You are the one that I hate.
A victim no more am I.
I take back what is mine.
I am no longer yours.
You are defeated.
I crush you 'neath my boot.
Grind you into dust.
"I am free!" Is my battle cry.
I will not go quietly.
I will not go at all.
"Just you try 'n make me."


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