Covered in filth.
Crying crimson tears.
They cut lines through the dirt.
Turning the clay to red mud.
Struggling to escape.
Becoming more mired with the more struggling.
Unable to breathe.
Mouth and eyes are caked shut by the mud.
Praying for the rains to come.
Let them wash it all away.
Pulling all the mud from my face.
Oh to breathe and see again.
To rise and to stand up again.
I don't want be bent over any more.
I have grown so weary.
God, I cannot go on.
Can You come and take me away from here.
Away from this self that I am right now.
Make me the me You know me to be.
The me only You can make me come to be.
I will trust You.
I believe in You.
All my hope is in You.
No matter who I have been.
No matter where I have been.
Your grace covers it all.
Even though I will end up right back 
  where I was, as I was.
You will come after me.
I am Yours after all.
Nothing can keep me from You.
Not even me.
And all the tears I cry will become words
  only You can hear or understand.
No matter, no matter where I am,
  no matter how I've become again.
I am Yours.
Now and forever, plus a day.
I am covered by love now.
My tears are silent prayers.
Washing away all that hurts and harms me.
I am now free, now and for eternity
  and far beyond.


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